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DWR eco is a leading European communication, policy and market strategy consultancy for #cleantech, #energy, #mobility, #proptech, #circular and #sharing economy.

We are a boutique firm without the pressure of big agencies to sell unnecessary hours. We operate efficiently and deliver results, not just reports.

We don't just follow trends. Our team of analysts, policy experts, journalists, digital natives and engineers has been active and focused on cleantech as well as climate impact technologies since 2001.

We enable your eco innovation. You disrupt your market.

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Welche Klimaschutzmaßnahmen bringt eine Ampelkoalition aus SPD, FDP und Bündnis90/ Die Grünen für den Klimaschutz?

Klimaschutz ist der gemeinsame Nenner im Bundestagswahlkampf 2021. Doch bei der Frage nach den richtigen Maßnahmen gehen die Meinungen der Parteien schnell auseinander. Das Politikteam von DWR eco hat sich die Wahlprogramme der Parteien und die Aussagen der Spitzenkandidaten in den letzten Wochen genau angeschaut. Auf dieser Grundlage geben wir für die zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt fünf aussichtsreichsten Koalitionen einen Ausblick auf den Ausgang der Verhandlungen. Bei welchem Thema dürften die jeweiligen Parteien schnell zusammenfinden? Wo droht Streit? Die Antworten finden Sie in unserer Koalitionsübersicht.

Tune in to “Let’s Talk Change”

Let’s Talk Change – in this podcast-series DWR eco founders Doreen Rietentiet and David Wortmann take turns interviewing key protagonists of our time on how to finally accelerate the change towards more sustainability. Together with relevant decision makers, inspiring innovators and exciting visionaries they discuss, which steps, both big and small, can be taken in businesses, politics, media, science and society.

Podcast DWR Eco


Beyond providing strategic communications excellence to the smart and clean technologies companies we serve, DWR eco is actively engaged in the ecosystem. At our core, we believe in building a better world – together. Collaboration and cooperation is necessary to build the sustainable future that we desire to create. Our team of experts is consistently working to build and expand innovative ideas and initiatives that will support our local and global communities, and most importantly, the next generation.

Logo Leaders for Climate Action

Leaders for Climate Action

We launched Leaders for Climate Action in 2019 with the aim to bring together the leading digital entrepreneurs to drive climate action across industries. We have developed the "Green Pledge" to systematically transform the members into climate-conscious leaders.  www.leadersforclimateaction.com

Logo Eco Innovation Alliance

Eco Innovation Alliance

We established the Eco Innovation Alliance to support new innovative startup companies, foster cooperation among them and help them to increase their visibility in politics, with the public, investors, and potential business partners to grow and expand their innovative companies.

Logo Energy Watch Group

Energy Watch Group

The Energy Watch Group is an an independent global network of scientists and parliamentarians. It helps governments across the globe in the expansion of 100% renewable energy policies by analyzing global energy developments and the commission of independent studies. www.energywatchgroup.org

Logo Entrepreneurs for Future

Entrepreneuers for Future

We initiated  E4F in response to the youth-driven Fridays For Future movement to give a unified voice to the companies working to develop new technologies, products, services and business models to generate positive change in the economy. www.entrepreneurs4future.de

Logo BB Energy Network

Berlin Brandenburg Energy Network  

The Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network (BEN) was established to connect the rapidly growing cleantech start-up scene in and around the German capital with established players from business, science, finance, and politics. www.bbenergynetwork.de

Logo Investments & Mentoring

Investments & mentoring

We are deeply rooted in the cleantech start-up scene and are also invested in companies like Planetly, Ecoworks or EcoWert360. We work together with many VCs and Accelerators across the globe as mentor, as consutlants and spearring partners.

Our Expertise

Our international team of communications and business experts is comprised of politicians, journalists, marketing executives, creative designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers, and public relations professionals. We have in excess of 235 years combined experience of driving business within the cleantech sector. We do not just work for the industry. We are a part of the industry’s ecosystem. Our team is on the cutting edge of the key market topics and trends. We remain focused on what we care most about, and ensure that our clients are well positioned and relevant in industry discussions. By focusing exclusively on your industry, we have relationships established with the journalists, associations, influencers, scientists, politicians and customers that can make a lasting difference for your organization’s global success.

solar power station

VCs, Financial Investors, Funds, Accelerators, Incubators

Plastic Resin pellets in holding hands

Solar PV, Wind Power, Biomass, Geothermal, Hydro, Storage, Green Hydrogen

smart city

Smart Grid, Smart Home, Smart Metering, Smart City, Community Energy Systems, Energy Management Systems, VPP, Sector Coupling

Smart home: man checking electricity consumption on phone
Prop Tech

Sustainable Material & Building, Green Buidlings

Charging an electric car

Electric Mobility, Charging Infrastructure, Last Mile, Shared Mobility, Micromobility, Logistics, Alternative Fuels

Shared bike put on the sidewalk.
Circular Economy

Re-use, Recycling, Waste Collection, Waste Recovery, Soil Remediation, Circular Carbon Technologies


We help companies, start ups, organizations as well as government bodies to cut through and stand out. Our marketing, communication, policy experts and analysts  understand very well the business environments, develops cutting-edge brands and political positioning to enable market disruption. We focus equally on innovative concept development and result-driven data, to create a custom-tailored strategy for each client we serve.

For Companies

Most our clients approach us with a concrete problem and we help them to figure out the most effective solution. Whether it a re-branding, a lobby strategy, the launch of a new product or a market analysis, our cross-functional team will navigate you through this process. We take into account all aspects of your company’s political, communication, business development and investment objectives and strategically provide the best solution to position your company in the market.

Vc firms & Accelerators

If you are a VC or accelerator within the global climate impact and clean technology sector, our team of industry consultants will provide you with the in-depth knowledge that you need for new and expanding markets to grow business and investment opportunities responsibly. We help you to cut through in a crowded investors space and to position your portfolio companies to accelerate the growth you are looking for.

Start Ups

We go beyond telling your story and building up your brand. Our team of business development experts, communicators and marketeers will help you to sharpen your product offerings and also provide access to our extensive network. We help you to understand relevant policies and markets. Especially for Start Ups, DWR eco provides a variety of strategic workshops and trainings that will enable your team to execute successful efforts

Organizations, associations & NGOs

We are aware of the limited resources of government organization or NGOs and have developed special service offering for that will enable them to increase their impact. We are happy to support with a particular project or  with a variety of strategic workshops and trainings that will provide your team members with the knowledge and information to execute successful efforts.

Our Clients


Innovation is our DNA. We exist to set you apart. To break down barriers.
To disrupt the market. To transcend boundaries. To create a clean future.

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