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The DWR eco Approach.

Growing your business is our business. DWR eco understands very well the digital and cleantech business environments, develops cutting-edge brands and political positioning to enable market disruption. We focus equally on innovative concept development and result-driven data, to create a custom-tailored strategy for each client we serve. Our team takes into account all aspects of your company’s political, communication, business development and investment objectives. We strategically plan to grow your position in the market. And then deliver.

Public Affairs

DWR eco’s Public Affairs team is comprised of modern political advisors who are in-tune with today’s lobbying environment and tomorrow’s disruptive technologies. In a rapidly changing world, the political environment too has changed with the times. The “good ol’ boys club” way of running political communications is no longer the most appropriate model for businesses who are looking to also be positively positioned in the public arena. Having political influence today is not only about access and relations with elected officials, but is also highly dependent on showing the relevance of your business for the society and the environment, having a great narrative built on scientific data and studies, and demonstrating opportunities for political legacy.


DWR eco is connected with the stakeholders who matter most in smart and clean technology policies. We engage the appropriate political decision makers, associations, influencers, NGOs, and other stakeholders on behalf of your interests. Our team of expert PR professionals can further expand visibility on your topics to build support. We drive political influence by tackling your set objectives from multiple communication angles and channels, at the appropriate timing, to ensure successful results.

DWR eco’s services translate complex technical and political matters
into simplified strategy, at your company’s advantage.

  • Monitoring & Reporting

    • Political, societal, technical and scientific discussions
    • Legislative and regulatory processes
    • Political debates in the media and events
    • Positions of important stakeholders, competitors, academics, and government representatives
    • Policy briefings

  • Stakeholder & Issue Management

    • Analysis of bills, legislative processes and policies
    • Identification of relevant stakeholders and target groups, topics and public perceptions
    • Analysis of stakeholder positions with influence mapping
    • Building strategic interest alliances and campaigns
    • Studies, surveys and opinion polls

  • Strategic Positioning

    • Development and execution of effective lobbying strategy
    • Statements and position papers
    • Managing relationships with associations, NGOs, stakeholders and key political decision-markers
    • Influencing public policy through associations and the media
    • Political and special events

DWR eco customizes our approach for each client that we serve to meet your individual organization’s needs. We offer our services a la carte, or on a project or retainer business. Contact our team today to discuss how we can support the growth of your business.

PR & Marketing

In our ever-evolving, technologically advanced and increasingly interconnected world, traditional PR & Marketing strategies and tactics are no longer sufficient to properly grow your business and influence perception. Simply distributing a news release has become “old PR” in today’s media environment and will not hold the attention of your customer. Lifestyle has been hurried, time is valued, and your brand’s content is quickly fleeting. We deliver hand-stopping messages and campaigns to capture the attention of your client. And then we retain it. Utilizing an integrated marketing communications approach, we amplify your brand across all mediums for your maximum public exposure.

Innovation is our DNA. We exist to set you apart. To break down barriers.
To disrupt the market. To transcend boundaries. To create a new future.

  • Internal Communications

    • Corporate identity
    • Employee engagement
    • CEO & Executive Communication
    • Change Communication
    • Monitoring of the market and competition
    • Media training
    • Employer communication and branding
    • Internal communications platform (intranet)
    • Newsletter

  • Public Relations

    • Corporate communication and positioning
    • Earned & paid media
    • Media monitoring
    • Speaker placement and event support
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Initiative and community building
    • Public speaking and speech writing
    • Content development and positioning
    • Press trips and press conferences
    • White papers

  • Marketing

    • Brand identity and development
    • Video and film
    • Media buying
    • Advertising
    • Design
    • Social advocacy and grassroots campaigns
    • Print collateral (ads, flyers brochures)
    • Merchandise

  • Online Marketing

    • Websites and landing pages
    • Email Marketing
    • Social Media marketing
    • Digital advertising and ranking
    • SEO and SEA
    • Podcasts and webinars
    • Analytics and performance tracking

DWR eco customizes our approach for each client that we serve to meet your individual organization’s needs. We offer our services a la carte, or on a project or retainer business. Contact our team today to discuss how we can support the growth of your business.

Market Strategy

Are you interested in getting into the cleantech industry or do you want to internationalize your already-established business? DWR eco provides expertise and consulting services to companies and investors that are looking to develop business or make investments within the sector. We can help to identify the right market niche to grow a scalable business from or help you to find and evaluate an investment opportunity. We are very well connected to the Cleantech Start-Up ecosystem.

  • Market Entrance

    • Incubation of business models and spinoffs
    • Market analysis and customer needs assessment
    • Competitive intelligence and positioning
    • Product and technology comparisons
    • Feasibility studies
    • Identifying barriers to commercialization

  • Internationalization

    • Country profiles for high potential entry markets
    • Regulatory framework analysis of technology-specific funding options, norms, and standards
    • Strategic partnerships and cooperations
    • Removal of market barriers
    • Evaluation of strategic options
    • Critical success factors

  • Entrepreneurial Intelligence

    • Evaluation and development of business ideas, models and plans
    • New technology value proposition and product-market fit
    • Business plan and strategy development
    • Revenue and profitability potential
    • Identify regulatory risks and opportunities for cleantech investors and Start-Ups
    • Business Angel and co-investment activities
    • Identifying investment opportunities in Start-Ups
    • Facilitating investments from Business Angels, venture capital firms or corporations for Start-Ups

DWR eco customizes our approach for each client that we serve to meet your individual organization’s needs. We offer our services a la carte, or on a project or retainer business. Contact our team today to discuss how we can support the growth of your business.

Trainings and Workshops

DWR eco is passionate about growing your clean and smart technology business. We offer tailor-made trainings and workshops to further build your team’s professional skills.


(1) Corporate Identity and Brand Development: Starting at 3,000 Euro. This hands-on workshop with your senior leadership team will identify your brands features and attributes, functional benefits, emotional benefits, values, and brand idea.

(2) Social Media Training: Starting at 1,000 Euro

(3) Media Training: Starting at 1,500 Euro

(4) Political Positioning: Starting at 2,000 Euro. Get up-to-date on the political process and understand the do’s and don’ts of political lobbying

Get in contact with us today about your needs. Either send us a mail at workshops© or call us at +49 306 098 159 04.

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