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In CleanTech-Podcast Deep Dive CleanTech David Wortmann, founder and CEO of DWR eco in cooperation with digital compact, regularly speaks with top decision-makers, entrepreneurs and innovators from the cleantech industry.


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Podcast with adventurer Bertrand Piccard 

This podcast gives you a good overview of what needs to change: politically, socially and economically. You will understand…

… why European environmental policy is anything but climate-friendly
… what an environmentally friendly policy should look like for innovative, environmentally friendly technologies to find their way into our everyday lives
… which mindset distinguishes innovative people
… which skills are need by pioneers like Bertrand Piccard
… what the magic of creativity is
… why motivating people is more important than convincing them of your ideas
… what role motivation plays in teams and in the search for investors

This podcast is divided into:

  • from: 00:00 | Presentation and introduction to the topic
  • from: 05:50 | Bertrand Piccard on climate destruction
  • from: 10:21 | Why politics oversleeps the green revolution
  • from: 16:59 | Piccard has these demands on politics
  • from: 21:34 | Piccard travels around the world again – this time with his luggage
  • from: 28:08 | It’s never easy, have courage – motivational course for founders


Bonus Chapter:

  • from: 36:31 | Do not convince, motivate – tips how startups attract investors
  • from: 40:55 | # 1000Solutions – become part of Piccard’s World Tour