Let’s not get demotivated by a “Covfefe” President - DWR eco
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Let’s not get demotivated by a “Covfefe” President

We make our planet great again!” – The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, delivered a great speech as a reaction to the announcement of the USA to withdraw from the historic Paris agreement which is supposed to reduce the impact of climate change. Now the USA are isolated from the world community together with Syria and Nicaragua. Great job again, Donald! You will never get back those few coal mining jobs anyway. It would have been better to take care of the jobs in the US solar industry, which has already 3 times as many jobs than the coal sector. Now, the US risks to lose competitive advantage, in yet another field. Just like in the car industry. And soon we will hear again from the “great economic master mind” Donald, who tries to artificially increase prices for innovatove foreign products through duties and taxes, while at the same time US industry production lowers quality due to the lack of international competition. This is not how you get back jobs and create a future for a country.

Is the withdrawl from the climate agreement just another mistake by a totally self-centered ignoramus who is not even able to admit a little spelling error (“covfefe”) in a tweet and lets his spokes person tell the people that “The president and a small group of people know exactly what he meant”? Is it just another example of a notorious self-overestimation and “I will fix it alone” mentality, without getting anything done: no finance for the wall and bad executed presidential orders, which are sacked by the courts. His version of “fair” treatment is on one day to blame others not to commit to their international obligations (NATO), and on the next day pulling out of the responsibility for the international climate change agreement – though climate change is one of the main causes for armed conflict, migration and many other problems we currently face.

The US deserves better. The world deserves better. However, it is important to remember that the majority of the US people did not vote for President Trump. So there definitely is a different US out there, but across the world people are losing this perspective due to bad leadership of the current President. This is a sad development, which must be stopped – the best way is through maintaining and strengthening good relationships with the still existing “coalition of the willing” in the US to protect planet earth and our common human race.

By the way: Macron invited clean technology companies to work in France now. They are also welcome in Germany and, of course, across Europe and other contries worldwide. We will continue to work with our US friends to find ways to economically prosper with the help of innovative clean technologies and new business models that support the transition towards a sustainable world.