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Our Initiatives.

Beyond providing strategic communications excellence to the smart and clean technologies companies we serve, DWR eco is actively engaged in the ecosystem. At our core, we believe in building a better world – together. Collaboration and cooperation is necessary to build the sustainable future that we desire to create. Our team of experts is consistently working to build and expand innovative ideas and initiatives that will support our local and global communities, and most importantly, the next generation.

We recognize that new and innovative energy startups do not have the same financial capabilities as established businesses do in today’s world. In 2017, DWR eco established the Eco Innovation Alliance, a network created exclusively to support new innovative startup companies that are in need of increased visibility in politics, with the public, investors, and potential business partners to grow and expand their innovative companies. The Eco Innovation Alliance is an initiative that demonstrates that innovative, profitable and scalable businesses can support an improved environment. The Alliance builds cooperation among startups, innovation, and politics.


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Responsible policy and adopted legal frameworks are necessary to support the clean energy transition.  The Energy Watch Group is an international network of scientists and policymakers commission and publish independent studies and analyses on global energy resource development to provide objective information for energy policymakers. The organization provides governments in the expansion of 100% renewable energy policies with consultancy services. DWR eco actively supports the international visibility of the Energy Watch Group and its studies. To learn more about the Energy Watch Group, email


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The Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network (BEN) connects the rapidly growing clean tech start-up scene in and around the German capital with established players from business, science, finance, and politics. The energy transition network, managed by DWR eco CEO David Wortmann, has task forces for start-ups, industry internationalization, and business opportunities and helps clean tech companies adapt to rapidly changing market conditions. 


To learn more about the BEN or become actively engaged in the network, email info©

Kreislaufwirtschaft Berlin-Brandenburg (“Circular Economy Berlin Brandenburg”) connects influential actors of the regional circular economy in Berlin and Brandenburg. The initiative was launched by DWR eco to promote the exchange of information and experiences between local enterprises to enhance full lifecycle of products and resources cradle-to-cradle. The goal of the initiative is to support the region in becoming a leading market for the circular economy.


To learn more about the Kreislaufwirtschaft Berlin-Brandenburg or become actively engaged in the network, email info©