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Our Expertise.

Our international team of communications and business experts is comprised of politicians, journalists, marketing executives, creative designers, scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers, lawyers, and public relations professionals. We have in excess of 235 years combined experience of driving business within the cleantech sector. We do not just work for the industry. We are a part of the industry’s ecosystem. Our team is on the cutting edge of the key market topics and trends. We remain focused on what we care most about, and ensure that our clients are well positioned and relevant in industry discussions. By focusing exclusively on your industry, we have relationships established with the journalists, associations, influencers, scientists, politicians and customers that can make a lasting difference for your organization’s global success.


The energy transition is upon us. We have worked with businesses of all shapes and sizes within the renewable energy industry. We have supported startups grow to international brands, and also represent some of the largest renewable energy companies in the world. We take an active participatory role in the industry, and are engaged on all relevant topics to make your company shine. Our team of experts know the energy + storage industry from the inside out.

Let us grow your business in:

    • Solar PV
    • Solar thermal
    • Hydro power

    • Wind power
    • Biomass energy
    • Geothermal energy

    • Energy storage
    • Power to Gas
    • Grids

Selection of companies we have worked with:


Industry and buildings comprise more than 65% of our global energy consumption. Reducing energy consumption is crucial to lessen our demand on the Earth’s finite resources. We work to develop the policies, awareness, and knowledge necessary to improve global energy demand.

Let us grow your business in:

    • Energy management systems
    • Energy efficient appliances

    • Green buildings
    • Energy efficient manufacturing processes

Selection of companies we have worked with:


There is no question that the global transport sector needs to be decarbonized. With favorable policies growing toward emission-free vehicles – electric, fuelcell, and biofuels – around the world, the industry will continue to expand and becoming more competitive. DWR eco brings our informed experience and creative capabilities to support companies across alternative fuels, integrated mobility concepts and new ways of sharing and pooling rides.

Let us grow your business in:

    • Battery Electric Vehicles 
    • Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles 
    • Alternative fuels (e.g. fuel cell, bio-fuels, synthetic fuels etc.)

    • Hydro Vehicles
    • Electric Scooters

    • Charging Infrastructure
    • Sharing services (cars, scooters, bikes etc.)

Selection of companies we have worked with:


DWR eco is actively engaged in the circular economy. We have taken a leadership role at the national level and in the European Union to support the development of responsible policies for closed loop systems and sustainable product design. We are passionate about addressing waste and have been leaders in the movement.

Let us grow your business in:

    • Re-use & Recycling
    • Waste Collection and Transport

    • Waste Recovery 
    • Soil Remediation

Selection of companies we have worked with:


Business models are changing with digital technologies and a new era is upon us. Digitalization and decentralization are transforming the industry, and will be instrumental in the transition to a low-carbon future. DWR eco is on the cutting-edge of the fundamental changes that are taking place in the supply chain and support emerging businesses with the latest communication strategies.

Let us grow your business in:

    • Smart Grids
    • Smart Cities
    • Smart Home
    • Smart Metering 

    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Energy Blockchain 
    • Automization 
    • Energy Management

    • Community Energy 
    • Virtual Power Plants 
    • Sector Coupling
    • Internet of Things (IoT)

Selection of companies we have worked with:


As technology and global social networks have grown, so too have innovative peer-to-peer business activities. The shared economy helps put existing or new assets to a more efficient use, and can help to reduce material use and emissions per capita. DWR eco has worked with the largest shared economy corporation in the world, and we understand the business model. We pride ourselves on expanding business opportunities that will continue to grow our worldwide economies while simultaneously enhancing the human experience.

Let us grow your business in:

    • Transport & Mobility
    • Logistics
    • Finance
    • Agriculture

    • Food
    • Real Estate & Property
    • Knowledge & Talents

Selection of companies we have worked with: