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DWR eco @ the Biggest Start-up Party in Europe

I meant to go last year and the year before, but never made it to Europe’s biggest start-up party – Slush. Something always came up and with the event happening a few weeks before Christmas, this is not surprising. But this year, my children made sure I would step onto the plane to Helsinki. However, they didn’t really care about me making it to Slush, but rather that I personally delivered their Christmas wish lists to Santa Claus. After all, Santa Claus’ home is in Finland. So, besides my important job of meeting Santa, I moderated and presented Europe’s most promising cleantech start-ups at Slush.

Held annually in the Finnish capital, Slush brings together the most ambitious young minds in the start-up sphere, offering opportunities to showcase their ideas as well as network with other founders and potential investors. This year’s festival signalled a coming out party of sorts, with cleantech focused start-ups finally breaking through and representing the burgeoning industry on a large scale. It was inspiring and fun.

Throughout my 3 days in the northern capital, I didn’t see any daylight. At Slush, attendees were welcomed instead with a club atmosphere that extended well beyond the walls of Helsinki’s Messukeskus convention centre. With countless side-events, parties, and networking opportunities, the 20,000 attendees were able to experience the best of Finnish hospitality, while rubbing shoulders with some of the brightest young minds in the start-up scene in the countless saunas at and around the event.

While the event appears to be more a party, the task at hand was not lost on participants. The 3,000 start-ups looked to use the two day event as a springboard to propel their ideas to the next level. With cleantech having a strong showing at this year’s event, the coming year should be an exciting time to keep an eye on start-ups in the field.

Slush 2019 will take place 21-22 November 2019, applications are now open for start-ups looking to secure their spot at next years event.