DWR eco as partner and co-organizer of the first Urban Energy Forum - DWR eco
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DWR eco as partner and co-organizer of the first Urban Energy Forum

Once again Berlin will be the center for international stakeholders of the global “Energiewende” and will act as a hotspot for debates on how to pursue and successfully implement the latest technological developments, especially in urban environments.

Against this background, on behalf of the Berlin-Brandenburg Energy Network e.V. (BEN) DWR eco and eclareon organise the first Urban Energy Forum (UEF) 2018. The event will take place on 19 April in Berlin and focus on the subject of “Sector Coupling for Smarter Cities”.

The Urban Energy Forum (UEF) 2018 will broach current issues regarding the energy transition in urban environments on an international level during this year’s Berlin Energy Week. International and Berlin-based businesses and experts are invited to come together to review the latest trends of sector integration in urban environments. The central question is how to integrate energy, traffic and heat sectors in an efficient and economical way in order to reduce emissions which are harmful for the climate.

Core questions are: How can distribution grids be prepared for an electric mobility system? Do we need both the gas and the electricity network for a fully integrated energy system? How to link electricity and gas infrastructure for decarbonizing the heating sector? How can the development of smart grids facilitate sector coupling?

Key players of current project implementation schemes will share their expertise by presenting barriers, solutions and potentials for sector coupling and exchange views in panel discussions. The UEF will provide B2B-networking opportunities in an exclusive business lounge.

For further information have a look at the event website: