Cleantech Open House 2020 - DWR eco
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Cleantech Open House 2020

Our annual open house once again took place in our offices on January 22nd, just after the holiday season. This year’s Open House brought together more than 200 cleantech prosessionals, making it an exciting networking opportunity, as well as a chance to share the latest insights into the burgeoning industry. Food, drinks, and even a little dancing were all on the menu, but the main focus was connecting and building a more unified Cleantech sector.

The overall mood of the event was resoundingly optimistic; the continued growth of climate awareness brings with it both opportunities and challenges, and how to best tackle these challenges as an industry was a hot topic of discussion throughout the evening. In the end, it was a great opportunity to once again get together with contemporaries and prepare for the year ahead in a fun relaxed setting.

This year’s event was organised in collaboration with Arepo Consult, IZES, Eclareon, Bundesverband Geothermie, Berlin Brandenburg Energy Network, DCTI, Covendit, ideas into energy and Client Earth.