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Arts and Nature Social Club – February Salon

Arts and Nature Social Club kicked off the calendar year with an exciting event on February 26 at Hotel de Rome. The first ANSC Salon of the year welcomed German pop band Frida Gold, Professor of Political Philosophy Dr. Christian Neuhäuser from the University of Dortmund, and Katja Tschakert, Director of Business Development at solar car startup Sono Motors. The evening featured casual but constructive conversations between a wide range of participants, and set the tone for the year ahead.

Arts and Nature Social Club has a vision of creating a global community of opinion leaders from the arts, science and business worlds, who are committed to bringing society back into equilibrium with the global biosystems.

Arts and Nature Social Club organizes events throughout the year, including large Salons every few months, and smaller weekly gatherings where members can meet in a relaxed atmosphere.

Check out to stay up to date with the latest events, and to learn how you can get involved yourself.