Effective public relations communicates clearly and with unambiguous messages. We help you achieve your communications goals and reach your target groups with orchestrated PR and media strategies. We use all relevant channels of communication, both classic and digital, and know when and with what message you can best achieve sustainable brand recognition within your target group. To help you reach your PR goals we offer the following services:

Strategic Communication

  • Development and implementation of corporate communication strategies  (Corporate PR, Thematic PR, Event PR, Social Media, Reputation Management)
  • Monitoring, identifying and analyzing the needs of the target group
  • Development of customized ” out-of -the-box ” solutions

Press and Stakeholder-Comunication

  • Systematic liasion with journalists
  • Press content creation and placement
  • Organization of suitable press events
  • Creation of targeted communication materials (image flyers, roll-ups , fact sheets , video trailers, etc.)
  • Corporate Publishing

Content Marketing and Social Media

  • Development and implementation of websites and intranet solutions
  • Development and implementation of blog and social media strategies
  • Support of blog editing und topic management
  • Social media management
  • Support of building blogger relations
  • Search engine optimization for websites and blogs
  • Newslettermarketing
  • Social media workshops
  • Development and implementation of online ad strategies
  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting

Event and Networking

  • Placement of speakers at special events
  • Arranging and organizing participation at conferences , trade show, awards etc.
  • Developing and organizing new event formats
  • Placement at prizes & awards