We talk to people about the things that matter to them – whether in Berlin, Brussels, regional capitals or small municipalities. Public affairs is the key to successful positioning at the intersection of business, politics, and society. We connect you with policymakers and help you effectively represent your interests. To help you reach your public affairs goals we offer the following services:

Monitoring, Reporting & Response

  • Monitoring of political debates, associations , NGOs , media and at relevant events ( early warning system )
  • Monitoring of key stakeholders , competitors , science , government officials , MEPs and their positioning
  • Regular reporting and review for the client (ad hoc and / or in a customized report format )
  • Pro-actively responding on behalf of the client on relevant issues and topics

Stakeholder- & Issue-Management

  • Identification of relevant stakeholders and target groups and analyzing their positions
  • Identification of relevant issues and their public perception
  • Analysis of draft legislation, legislative processes and policies at national and EU level, in terms of relevance to the client’s business and influence
  • Creation of stakeholder associations and mapping for visualization of positions and influence field

Strategic Positioning

  • Developing and implementing lobbying strategies
  • Creating and disseminating position and background papers
  • Liasion with decision-makers in associations, politics , media and the public
  • Organizing political events ( for example, parliamentary evening )
  • Establishment of stakeholder alliances and campaigns
  • Development of individual recommendations / strategies for stakeholder management