Our in-depth knowledge of the political landscape, changing investment and market conditions, and relevant actors in the field of sustainable development, environmental technologies, and renewable energy makes us a reliable partner for your successful market penetration. We’re equally adept at helping fast growing start-ups, companies expanding their core business, and foreign companies that want to seize new business opportunities. To help you reach your business development goals we offer the following services:


  • Market analyses: segments, target groups, application areas
  • Analysis of site-specific factors and market opportunities
  • Analysis of market conditions and competition
  • Investment analysis
  • Analysis and evaluation of the market potential of new business ideas and products as well as the evaluation of sales opportunities and markets

Market Development

  • Facilitation of business contacts, strategic partners, and cooperations
  • Securing both new customers and follow-up business from existing customers
  • Support in the selection and development of sites
  • Support in overcoming market barriers
  • Advice on and applications for investment support, funding programs, and research programs
  • Setup, strategic management, and marketing of sites and incubators/accelerators

Innovation & New Business Models

  • Evaluation and development of business ideas, business models, and business plans
  • Contact to investors for projects and corporate investments (institutional investors, VCs, family offices, incubators)
  • (Selected) start-up consulting and coaching
  • (Selected) participation in start-ups
  • Incubation of own business models and spin-offs